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AI powered inspection on mobile devices

Our contactless solutions can be used in the Automotive aftermarket for visual audit trails and creation of upsell opportunities at service centres. We also empower the customer to self-inspect, analyse, assess, and do valuations using real-time data. The ‘new way’ of contactless aftermarket inspections.


The old way is labour intensive and therefore subjective, slow, and prone to error. Our ‘new way’ is to provide contactless, objective, precise and superfast AI powered inspections where the data is securely stored and processed in the cloud, with results immediately available to the company. These solutions are deployed on mobile devices, empowering even the customers to do self-inspections. 

 Our technology creates infinite frontiers for new contactless convenient services. Our AI powered inspections deployed on mobile devices help in the creation of a detailed visual audit prior to vehicle servicing which enables upsell opportunities through instant quotes. Integration to OEM parts database allows detailed quotes broken down to parts cost, labour cost and paint cost. The trickle-down data reports provide end to end visibility from assembly line to service center level to minimizes vehicle downtime

Our health check reports allow the service centres to do precise invoice generation, vehicle service visual audit report for managing client history, spares and accessories damage assessment and enable real time data overrides. 

Instant, Contactless and Hassle-free Claim Settlements | CamCom

Instant, Contactless and Hassle-free Claim Settlements | CamCom

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