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Today a mobility care professional is willing to transact digitally with their customer as well as supplier since the benefits of being digitally enabled results in better availability of parts, faster delivery of services and improved working capital which in turn translates into satisfied customers and higher profits.


Our business vertical "AppS"  is to support this digital business process transformation of your entity. We combine decades of  Technology Expertise with decades of the Aftermarket experience.  In other words a balanced approach. Right from building customer facing, Android mobile phone or iPhone based apps to building online stores and desktop websites. We offer the entire suite of services. 


Please write to us at, to adopt this highly recommended digital strategy to grow your business.

eDiSOn | eCommerce App

B2B Sales + eCommerce Platform that helps Distributors & Manufacturers connect & sell seamlessly with their customers directly 


  1. Go live with online sales in less than a month

  2. Integration possible with existing legacy systems

  3. Salesforce Management and optimise productivity

  4. Retailer Ordering

  5. Employee Management across all locations

  6. Analyse customer business trend and requirement

  7. Collect B2B Orders and Payments Online

  8. Expense management across locations

  9. Intelligent Store Management Platform

  10. Point of Sales & Inventory

  11. Employee Management

  12. Customer Relationship Management

  13. Track inventory across locations

  14. Reconcile Cash sales everyday

  15. Access data anywhere, any device - in real time

  16. Works offline, can enter transactions in remote areas

  17. Complete order flow – order taking, shipment, inventory management, payment in one single app for customers, sales team, stockists, employees

  18. Self ordering for customers, including payment fulfilment

  19. Quick reports generation for business analysis

  20. Robust Integrations with Tally, Quickbooks, to prevent duplication of data entry efforts

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