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Workshop Software

The Software as a Service (SaaS) is a must have management tool for every mobility care centre which intends to run their operations professionally. An excellent solution developed over the past 30 years, based on inputs received from garages handling multiple brands in the segments such as Two Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Tractors and Marine Applications.

Major Features :


Stream Workflow Feature : Manage your entire workflow in one place from start to finish via an easy-to-use dashboard. Track job progress, stock tracking, quotes, staff allocation, invoicing, and more.

‘One-Click’ Customer Management : Take the stress and time out of managing customers with automated text messages, emails and reminders. Deliver customer service like the ‘big shops’ – without the cost or overstaffing. 

Simplified Invoicing : Get paid in full and on time, manage cashflow and keep pinpoint accurate books with simple invoicing that integrates directly with your accounting systems.

Automated Service Reminders : Increase your leads, conversions and income with automated service reminders that bring customers back through your doors. It’s like having a full-time marketing assistant working around-the-clock.

Additional Features : 

Online Customer Bookings, Vehicle History, Workshop Activity Search, Text/SMS Messages, Management Reporting, Stock Management, Supplier Management, Job Card Printing, Courtesy Car Management.

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